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StonecareCentral.com is your one-stop shop for natural stone and tile care and maintenance products, as well as answers and resources.

About Our Products

StonecareCentral.com  features the Stonecare PRO Signature line of products, developed by pros, for pros and their customers. This premium line of products includes everything you need to properly care for your stone and tile. Additionally, we carry other premium quality products that our pros have identified as the best products available for solving special problems. At this time these additional lines include Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions, and Alpha Professional Tools. 

About Our Staff

You’ll love our staff. Each of them is not only hard working, but trained in stone care and eager to help you.

About Our Technical Support

When you have a support question about any of the products or a particular issue you are facing, our technical support team is available to you. Our technical support is headed up by Fred Hueston, PhD, world renowned stone and tile expert, prolific author on the subject, expert witness in court cases, forensic expert and educator, and an all around nice guy who is as passionate about stone and tile as anyone can be.


StonecareCentral.com  is one facet of a full service, integrated solution to provide proper education, answers, how-tos, and quality products for homeowners, hospitality, commercial and all other end users of natural stone and tile.