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Majestic Conditioning Treatment and Polish
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For adding a little extra shine and a shield that repels water and reduces finger prints. A blend of organic emulsifiers, natural moisturizers and gloss enhancing polymers, it is formulated to penetrate, enhance and protect all polished marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and onyx countertops and walls. Use on occasion, once or twice monthly, when you want to add a little extra shine and protection. Also great for using on shower walls to inhibit soap film from clinging. (Not to be used on...

Majestic Marble Etch Remover
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"Simply the best etch remover and marble polish available."Featured in The Washington Post article "How to get rid of marks on Marble"This extremely popular, professional grade yet easy to use, high quality Marble Polishing Compound is just what the doctor ordered for removing the majority of “water stains” (etching) and light scratches to restore the polish to most marble, travertine, alabaster (marble-onyx), onyx and polished limestone not by coating, but by abrasion and friction (like...