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Made by PROS for PROS and their customers...

When we say signature line of products, we really mean it. Every one of the products is created, then tested at the Stone and Tile School, then in the field by our network of stone and tile care companies, before being added to the line. The products must also meet the demands of our technical directors, the ones that literally wrote the book on stone and tile care.

The bottom line is nothing goes into the store until it has been proven to be the best product of its kind. 

These products are used everywhere... from homes to high end hotels, government monuments to commercial buildings. The feedback we get from customers is affirming and it makes us, well, quite proud of our products. 

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SPS CLASSIC - Dual Blade Squeegee
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Item #: SPS-Classic -

A squeegee with class ... A piece of functional art Chosen as Consumer Product of the Year by the Industrial Designers Society of America and selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection, the Classic is the most highly acclaimed squeegee in the world and is our most popular squeegee. So What Makes The Classic So Special? •Award winning unique design •Patented dual wiping blades to get every drop •Very flexible 10 inch wiping blades conform to contoured and irregular...