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Caring for your Marble, Granite and other Natural Stone

There are certain products to avoid around marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, and other calcium-based materials. Acids are one of marble’s biggest enemies. When I say acids, that can mean many common products like orange juice, lemon, cola, milk, tomato, mustard, vinegar, and much of everything we consume. Of course, strong alkalines, such as highly ammoniated window cleaners or oven cleaners, can also be detrimental to certain materials too. And as expected, these blemishes usually must be...

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How To Remove An Etch And Polish Your Marble At Home

What can you do, as a homeowner, to keep your marble countertops in pristine condition? With Majestic Etch Remover, you can re-polish your marble with ease. And in most cases, without the use of special tools, you will be able to achieve a beautiful shine on your stone surfaces, keeping them looking like new. Majestic Marble Etch Remover is a special blend of polishing compounds formulated to remove light etching and water stains from polished marble, travertine and limestone. It is both easy...

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