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Majestic Marble Etch Remover
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M3 Technologies, INC Item #: MAJR05017 -

"Simply the best etch remover and marble polish available."Featured in The Washington Post article "How to get rid of marks on Marble"This extremely popular, professional grade yet easy to use, high quality Marble Polishing Compound is just what the doctor ordered for removing the majority of “water stains” (etching) and light scratches to restore the polish to most marble, travertine, alabaster (marble-onyx), onyx and polished limestone not by coating, but by abrasion and friction (like...

Majestic Mildew and Mold Stain Remover
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M3 Technologies, INC Item #: MAJC11003 -

Safely remove mold and mildew stains from your natural stone. A professional strength blend of surfactants, conditioning agents and deodorizers designed to remove mold and mildew stains from marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and onyx and other hard surfaces such as grout, walls, and shower stalls.

Poultice Powder-1.5 lbs poultice, powder, stain, removal, remove, remover, natural, stone, stains, granite, marble, travertine, onyx, professional, surface, surfaces, grade, safe, effective, deep, care, products
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M3 Technologies, INC Item #: MAJC05023 -

Majestic Poultice Powder is a professional grade poultice used to safely and effectively remove deep stains from stone surfaces. Active ingredients in dry poultice form to ensure the easiest and safest application to remove deep stains. For use on: Marble, travertine, granite, limestone, terrazzo and other stone surfaces.

Blue Painter Masking Tape 1 1/2 inch  tape, blue, masking, crepe backing, protection, painters,
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Item #: TAPE-BLUE -

Quick release blue making tape. 14 day clean removal with UV resistance. Fine-structured crepe backing for super sharp paint lines. Excellent all-purpose paint masking. Ideal for holding Visqueen and masking aprons.

Polished Marble Repair Kit marble, polish, paste, etch, water mark, scratch, neutral cleaner, repair, kit, counter top, bathroom, conditioning treatment, easy to use,
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Item #: SCC-K100 -

This Majestic Polished Marble Repair Kit is an essential care product kid that contains exactly what you need to resolve light to medium etching, very light scratch patterns and to clean plus polish your marble. *Majestic Conditioning Treatment & Polish is not for floors.Kit Contains:1 - Majestic Etch Remover Marble Polishing Compound (8 oz.) : to remove light to medium etching ("water stains")1 - Qt. Majestic Neutral Cleaner Ready-to-use Spray : to neutralize the Etch Remover and clean1 - Qt....